How the rise of remote work is accelerating cloud migrations

The emergence of remote work as a dominant paradigm is having a big impact by spurring many companies to accelerate…

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Email archiving for small and midsized businesses: A conversation with MailStore’s Kristina Waldhecker

In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment, email archiving should be more than just an afterthought for small and midsized businesses.

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Thinking differently: Office 365 and the power of governance

Just hearing the word “governance” can make any IT pro groan. But governance can often — if properly implemented —…

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Business risk: Manage it, ignore it, or outsource it?

Business risk is a part of doing business. But whether that risk turns ugly and becomes a catastrophe depends chiefly…

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False sense of security: Compliance is good, but it’s not good enough

Don’t think because you are compliant with all security regulations you are secure. Advanced security goes far beyond any set…

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Azure Security Center: Exploring the Regulatory Compliance Dashboard

Regulatory compliance is on everyone's mind with GPDR behind us and Brexit looming on the horizon. Azure Security Center can…

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Compliance vs. insurance: Walking the risk tightrope in the GDPR era

Risk is a part of any business activity, and GDPR is just another risk many companies need to face. But…

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Sending encrypted messages with Exchange Online and Azure Information Protection

Companies are looking for ways to minimize risks associated with the stiff penalties for non-adherence of GDPR. Let’s look at…

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It’s a small world after all: GDPR across borders

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect, so we will soon get real-world results of what happens when…

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Taking a guided tour of the Intune Data Warehouse

Detailed and accurate reporting is an essential part of controlling your IT environment whether on-premises or in the cloud. The…

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