data breach

Free VPNs from Hong Kong with ‘no-log policy’ experience data leak

With these free VPNs based in Hong Kong, you may not be paying any money but you could get more…

15 hours ago

Got cybersecurity tools? Good. Got too many? That may be a problem

Strength in numbers may not apply to cybersecurity tools. In fact, using too many tools may hinder a company’s ability…

4 weeks ago

Shiny Hunters hacking group breach Home Chef database

The Shiny Hunters hacking group has struck again. This time they hit meal-prep delivery company Home Chef, and millions of…

2 months ago

Nintendo confirms thousands of gamer accounts compromised

What many gamers who use the Nintendo Network suspected is true: Nintendo confirmed that 160,000 user accounts were compromised.

3 months ago

GE data breach exposes thousands of employee records

A GE data breach exposed a hacker’s treasure trove of employee records, including Social Security numbers, direct deposit forms, and…

4 months ago

Elasticsearch database, unprotected and readily available, exposes 5 billion records

An unprotected Elasticsearch database with five billion records was publicly available until recently. Most troubling: It was managed by a…

4 months ago

MGM Resorts customer data breach still being utilized by hackers

Data stolen from breaches often live on forever, as appears to be the case with millions of records from the…

5 months ago

PhotoSquared data leak exposes users’ photos, information

PhotoSquared has experienced a data leak, mainly because the popular U.S.-based photo app failed to follow basic security protocols.

6 months ago

Rooster Teeth experiences data breach, Magecart implicated

Hip entertainment website Rooster Teeth says it experienced a data breach, and InfoSec researchers suspect the notorious Magecart hackers are…

8 months ago

Data breach at IT firm Conor leaks millions of records

Conor, a South Africa-based information and communication technologies company, is in deep trouble after a massive data breach.

8 months ago