Crash and burn: Why do large IT projects fail so often?

You’ve planned, you’ve analyzed, you’ve tested. But your large IT projects still fail. Why does this keep happening? And what…

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Opportunity or waste of time: Is it worth it being a Windows Insider?

Microsoft’s Windows Insider program lets businesses explore new Windows features before they are rolled out. Great, right? Maybe not.

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Windows 10 deployment: Pruning and pruning and pruning again

It used to be easy to create a base image for Windows deployment. But with Windows 10 deployment, you have…

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Windows deployment: Where it was, where it is now, where it’s heading

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Alternatives for building and deploying Windows images

While the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is often used for building and deploying Windows images to target computers, there are some…

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The not-to-do list: 25 ways to derail your Windows 10 deployment

At TechGenix, we pride ourselves on our tutorials. Here’s one guide you do not want to follow — unless you…

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How to avoid Windows 10 migration pain

Migrating your business to Windows 10 may never be easy, but it doesn't have to be a disaster. Here's how…

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