Docker Enterprise 3.0 introduces new tools for container-based applications

Docker Enterprise 3.0, currently out in public beta, lets developers build container-based multiservice applications right on their desktop.

9 months ago

Are containers the answer for your SQL Server database environment?

Containers are rapidly gaining acceptance in the Windows world. But containerizing Microsoft SQL Server has been a challenge. Enter WinDocks…

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Container technology gets boring — and that’s a good thing

What’s behind the biggest new trends in container technology? The focus has shifted from shiny new toys toward “whatever gets…

12 months ago

Docker Enterprise 2.1 introduces several new features, enhancements

Docker Enterprise 2.1 is now available. Here’s what’s under the hood of this version of the popular enterprise container platform.

1 year ago

Top funding rounds for cloud computing startups in 2017-18

These cloud computing startups have made a mark with their innovative tech and managed to raise a healthy amount of…

1 year ago

Managing containers using Docker client: Add these commands to your toolbox

Does the mere though of using containers frighten you? Relax, and follow this guide about managing containers using Docker client.

2 years ago

Getting started with containers — A brief introduction for IT professionals

Just getting started with containers? This article will introduce you to some key concepts you need to know so you…

2 years ago

Stepping up your continuous delivery with Kubernetes and Spinnaker

Spinnaker makes deployments automated and continuous. Importantly, it works across any cloud platform. Find out why it matters to the…

2 years ago

Federated Application Management will play nice with Kubernetes, Docker says

Docker’s new Federated Application Management feature is aimed at making Docker Enterprise Edition the best place to manage containers no…

2 years ago

Don’t fear the journey: How these companies ditched their datacenters for Kubernetes in the cloud

Many companies are making the transition from datacenters to Kubernetes in the cloud. Here is a textbook example of how…

2 years ago