Trench Tales: Restructuring a legacy network with a VLAN

GDPR is having an impact even on how networks are designed. Here’s a story of one IT admin who introduced…

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Google faces probe for GDPR data protection violations

In what may be a landmark case, Google faces a hefty fine if it is found guilty of violating GDPR…

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Business risk: Manage it, ignore it, or outsource it?

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Many EU government websites not in compliance with GDPR

Consider the irony: A new e-privacy report found that many EU government websites are breaching their own GDPR compliance rules.

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Compliance vs. insurance: Walking the risk tightrope in the GDPR era

Risk is a part of any business activity, and GDPR is just another risk many companies need to face. But…

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GDPR’s privacy by design: An opportunity, not a burden

Under GDPR, organizations must ensure the safety of their data. But instead of seeing this as an onerous chore, embrace…

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Brexit: How tech companies can prepare for this world-changing event

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Warning! 5 GDPR mistakes you must avoid

Like it or not, GDPR is here, and noncompliance can cost your business big time. Avoid these common GDPR mistakes,…

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Are you GDPR compliant? Find out here, because what you don’t know will cost you big time

GDPR, with its 11 chapters and 91 articles, is the most comprehensive data protection modification in two decades. Is your…

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Sending encrypted messages with Exchange Online and Azure Information Protection

Companies are looking for ways to minimize risks associated with the stiff penalties for non-adherence of GDPR. Let’s look at…

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