Update alert: Google patches zero-day Chrome vulnerability

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Android 11: All the top new features business users need to know

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Google Chrome browser extensions targeted by massive spying campaign

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Google cracking down on false coronavirus ads with verification program

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted irreputable people to run false coronavirus ads. Google is trying to mitigate the damage.

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New Mexico sues Google for violating privacy of minors

New Mexico is suing Google for alleged privacy violations against minors, specifically that it uses its Google Education program to…

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Google targets ‘disruptive ads’ in apps available on Play Store

Sick of disruptive ads on your Android phone? Google is trying to remedy that by booting some of the worst…

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Cyber-extortion scheme targets Google AdSense users

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Best programming languages to learn in 2020

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Make sure your website gives a shoutout to voice search

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11 must-have Google Chrome extensions for developers

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