hybrid cloud

Rocket to the cloud: Anthos speeds Google’s rise in the enterprise market

Anthos is Google’s hybrid and multicloud platform. This platform is cloud-agnostic and has an incredible container-as-a-service foundation.

9 months ago

Kubernetes hones in on multicloud and hybrid cloud for 2020

With KubeCon + CloudNativeCon racking up over 12,000 attendees last month, Kubernetes is on top of every IT enterprise conversation.

11 months ago

Hybrid cloud keeps getting stronger — but why?

Why does the market for hybrid cloud solutions keep growing? And why are more and more companies and organizations opting…

12 months ago

What does the future hold for the hosting industry?

As with other technology industries, the hosting business has seen major changes since the early days of the Internet. But…

1 year ago

Multicloud vs. hybrid cloud: Exactly what is the difference?

Multicloud vs. hybrid cloud — which one should you choose? Before you can decide, let’s see where they differ and…

1 year ago

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018 — What to expect

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 starts tomorrow in Seattle. Here’s what is on the schedule at this much-anticipated event.

2 years ago

Hybrid cloud best practices: Everything you need to know

As you plan your trip to the cloud, there are many different products you can choose. Picking a hybrid cloud…

3 years ago

Oracle Cloud brings out some big guns for the Cloud Wars

Oracle’s cloud services are expanding. While Oracle Cloud supports over 55 billion transactions each day, can it compete with the…

3 years ago

Hybrid datacenter is Docker’s latest open source goal

Docker’s latest quest is to power every enterprise’s hybrid datacenter. Find out how it plans to gain dominance in this…

3 years ago

DIY hybrid cloud: Blending tools and services that work best for you

Enterprises want a hybrid cloud, but the choices available may not fit their needs. The solution, especially for container configurations:…

3 years ago