Apple patches iOS jailbreaking vulnerability — again

Apple thought a recent patch put its worries about iOS jailbreaking vulnerabilities behind it. But they had to revisit the…

4 months ago

Bogus Flash Player update targets millions of Mac users with adware

Mac users are not safe from malware, despite their faulty idea of being a protected class of computer users. Case-in-point:…

11 months ago

New Cisco vulnerabilities: Patches for 20 exploits, including three labeled ‘critical’

Cisco has released a semiannual patch update that includes fixes for more than 20 vulnerabilities. Three of these Cisco vulnerabilities…

2 years ago

Personal digital assistants revisited: South Park hijacks Alexa, Google Home, and Siri

Personal digital assistants are helpful adjuncts to daily lives. But as several recent incidents show, the technology can be hijacked…

2 years ago

New iPhones: Has Apple jumped the shark?

A warning to Apple fanboys (and fangirls) who hate any criticisms of the tech giant and its iPhones: You may…

2 years ago

Flawed Apple password policies increase attack probability

Apple’s reputation for having a secure OS for its mobile devices just took another hit. This time, the problem centers…

2 years ago

iOS 11 update patches multiple potentially dangerous exploits

The iOS 11 update fixes numerous and rather dangerous exploits. Read the report to be informed and be motivated to…

2 years ago

Build apps the easy way: Top 4 mobile app development platforms

Take a tour of the top four open source mobile app development platforms: PhoneGap, Ionic, Titanium Appcelerator, and React Native

2 years ago

Apple's Six Big WWDC 2017 Announcements

Apple has rolled out a number of significant announcements during WWDC 2017. Here's what you need to know.

3 years ago

Safari mobile scareware causes Apple iOS update

A Safari mobile scareware has prompted Apple to release an update for iOS. While the malware isn’t real ransomware, it…

3 years ago