Apple Silicon: What it means for the world of personal computing

Apple is moving away from Intel processors to use its own Apple Silicon processors to power its Mac line of…

6 days ago

Apple iOS contains vulnerability affecting VPN connections

A vulnerability affecting Apple iOS VPN connections could allow outsiders to see things you don’t want them to see —…

3 months ago

Apple patches iOS jailbreaking vulnerability — again

Apple thought a recent patch put its worries about iOS jailbreaking vulnerabilities behind it. But they had to revisit the…

11 months ago

Bogus Flash Player update targets millions of Mac users with adware

Mac users are not safe from malware, despite their faulty idea of being a protected class of computer users. Case-in-point:…

1 year ago

New Cisco vulnerabilities: Patches for 20 exploits, including three labeled ‘critical’

Cisco has released a semiannual patch update that includes fixes for more than 20 vulnerabilities. Three of these Cisco vulnerabilities…

2 years ago

Personal digital assistants revisited: South Park hijacks Alexa, Google Home, and Siri

Personal digital assistants are helpful adjuncts to daily lives. But as several recent incidents show, the technology can be hijacked…

3 years ago

New iPhones: Has Apple jumped the shark?

A warning to Apple fanboys (and fangirls) who hate any criticisms of the tech giant and its iPhones: You may…

3 years ago

Flawed Apple password policies increase attack probability

Apple’s reputation for having a secure OS for its mobile devices just took another hit. This time, the problem centers…

3 years ago

iOS 11 update patches multiple potentially dangerous exploits

The iOS 11 update fixes numerous and rather dangerous exploits. Read the report to be informed and be motivated to…

3 years ago

Build apps the easy way: Top 4 mobile app development platforms

Take a tour of the top four open source mobile app development platforms: PhoneGap, Ionic, Titanium Appcelerator, and React Native

3 years ago