Best programming languages to learn in 2020

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6 months ago

WordPress vulnerabilities leveraged in malvertising campaign

Malvertising campaigns are nothing new. But this one targeting WordPress plugin vulnerabilities has a bit of extra malice to it.

12 months ago

Mozilla patches critical vulnerabilities in Thunderbird

If you use the popular email client Thunderbird, put on your patching shoes. Parent company Mozilla has released fixes for…

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Google Chrome browser faces new wave of malicious extensions

The Google Chrome browser faces a malicious extension threat directly tied to its JavaScript engine. If you use the browser,…

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Designing and coding apps: Newbie's desktop setup for React, Node, and Editing

Looking to construct a perfect website? These videos will help newbies quickly get the necessary tools up and running to…

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Ransomware: Get to no by just saying yes

There are several things you can do to prevent ransomware. But the biggest step you can take starts with three…

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