OSX/Linker: New zero-day malware targets Mac devices

The cloak of invulnerability Mac users feel protects them from malware is torn again. OSX/Linker is a zero-day that attacks…

4 months ago

Right to repair: If it’s broke, you ain’t gonna fix it

Right to repair sounds like a great idea for reducing the tsunami of tech waste drowning us. But every yingie…

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Bogus Flash Player update targets millions of Mac users with adware

Mac users are not safe from malware, despite their faulty idea of being a protected class of computer users. Case-in-point:…

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The challenges of supporting Mac computers in a workplace

Users love their Macs and frequently favor them over Windows PCs. On the other hand, supporting Mac computers can be…

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Managing Mac computers with Windows ConfigMgr? Yes, you can

Almost every IT pro has used Microsoft’s ConfigMgr as a go-to solution for managing Windows computers. But can this tool…

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Apple, meet orange: The power of cross-platform PowerShell

Managing Linux, Mac, and Windows in your environment is now almost as easy as mixing apples and oranges. The key…

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Apple's Six Big WWDC 2017 Announcements

Apple has rolled out a number of significant announcements during WWDC 2017. Here's what you need to know.

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Another Mac attack: OSX/Dok malware spreads in Europe

Mac users often believe that they are safer than PC users when it comes to being hacked. OSX/Dok malware is…

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How to run Windows apps on a Mac

MacBooks are light and powerful, and offer an entry to Apple’s well-regarded software universe. But suppose you want to run…

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VMware Fusion: Top 3 mistakes your users are making

Mistakes VMware Fusion users are making -- and how you can help prevent them.

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