microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 troubleshooting: Diagnostic tools at your fingertips

Many Exchange Server troubleshooting tools don’t work with Microsoft 365. Fortunately, Microsoft has a bunch of new diagnostic tools you…

5 days ago

Microsoft Teams: Pros, cons — and should you switch from Slack or Zoom?

Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration tool that comes with a host of features. So, should you switch to Teams…

1 week ago

Microsoft 365 Family plan: Office is not just for the office anymore

Microsoft Office is expanding from workplace to the home. While IT pros know what Microsoft 365 subs offer, they may…

2 weeks ago

Upgrading from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business is headed for retirement, and many users will be upgrading to Microsoft Teams. The upgrade is not…

3 weeks ago

Microsoft 365 administration: Setting up and configuring logging and alerts

Admins are old hands at configuring their on-premises infrastructure. But with Microsoft 365, many forget about setting up logging and…

4 weeks ago

Microsoft 365 security: Tips to keep your tenant safe

Yes, Microsoft 365 has a lot of security built in. But that doesn’t mean you can relax on security. Keep…

1 month ago

Microsoft 365 administration: Get your SharePoint settings right

An important part of Microsoft 365 administration is configuring SharePoint. Getting these settings right will give you a solid foundation…

1 month ago

Microsoft 365: Backup options for your cloud-based mailboxes

Many organizations migrating to Microsoft 365 from Exchange on-premises are looking for backup options for their cloud-based email.

2 months ago

Taking control of outbound spam with Microsoft 365 anti-spam policies

Outbound spam may not seem like a problem, but it can cause an issue for an organization if it goes…

2 months ago

SmartDeploy: A simple solution for deploying Windows from the cloud

The cloud is now ubiquitous, and soon deploying Windows from the cloud will also be ubiquitous. This is where SmartDeploy…

2 months ago