Microsoft warns of COVID-19-related spear-phishing campaign

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, and as Microsoft researchers have discovered, neither are dangerous spear-phishing emails related to…

1 month ago

Microsoft Build 2020: All the major announcements

Microsoft Build 2020 may have been a virtual event, but there was some real news, including Microsoft’s upcoming roadmap for…

1 month ago

Microsoft's GitHub account breached by threat actors Shiny Hunters

The new hacking group Shiny Hunters is trying to gain media attention. They’ve certainly accomplished that with a breach of…

1 month ago

Phishing attack targeting remote workers’ Skype credentials

Use Skype for your remote work? Hackers are looking to lift your Skype credentials via an especially convincing phishing attack

2 months ago

Using DHCP to configure VPN clients? Windows Server 2016 has features you need

Among the many new features included in Windows Server 2016, the improved DHCP services can be a big boon to…

3 months ago

Microsoft exposed 250 million users’ private records in December

Microsoft exposed roughly 250 million customer service and support records last month. While the company says it secured all servers,…

5 months ago

It’s official: Microsoft shuts down Windows for Mobile

Windows for Mobile has been at death’s door for a while, but now it has now been taken off life…

7 months ago

Raccoon Stealer malware newest business email compromise attack

A simple yet versatile malware called Raccoon Stealer that bypasses anti-spam filters looks like it is going to be a…

7 months ago

Microsoft Windows bug patched — after 20 years

A Windows bug has been putting computer users in potential danger for almost 20 years. After much delay, Microsoft has…

11 months ago

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is official: Everything you need to know

Microsoft has unveiled the HoloLens 2, the second iteration of its standalone augmented reality headset. Here’s an exclusive look inside…

1 year ago