Microsoft exposed 250 million users’ private records in December

Microsoft exposed roughly 250 million customer service and support records last month. While the company says it secured all servers,…

1 month ago

It’s official: Microsoft shuts down Windows for Mobile

Windows for Mobile has been at death’s door for a while, but now it has now been taken off life…

3 months ago

Raccoon Stealer malware newest business email compromise attack

A simple yet versatile malware called Raccoon Stealer that bypasses anti-spam filters looks like it is going to be a…

3 months ago

Microsoft Windows bug patched — after 20 years

A Windows bug has been putting computer users in potential danger for almost 20 years. After much delay, Microsoft has…

6 months ago

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is official: Everything you need to know

Microsoft has unveiled the HoloLens 2, the second iteration of its standalone augmented reality headset. Here’s an exclusive look inside…

12 months ago

Microsoft: No more updates for OS using SHA-1 encryption

SHA-1 encryption was determined to be ineffective 14 years ago. Microsoft is finally taking steps to eliminate it once and…

12 months ago

Cryptojacking applications discovered in Microsoft Store

If you downloaded certain apps from the Microsoft Store recently, you may be unwittingly a pawn in a cryptojacking scheme.

1 year ago

We need to reignite innovative tech (Are you listening, Microsoft?)

What does it take to create innovative technology nowadays? Good old-fashioned courage. Hey Apple, and especially you, Microsoft — are…

1 year ago

Microsoft Graph: Everything developers need to know

Microsoft Graph allows developers to build custom apps using a unified programmability model. Here’s more on why this program should…

1 year ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for December squashes some nasty bugs

You didn’t think Microsoft would forget you just because it’s the holiday season? The Microsoft Patch Tuesday for December has…

1 year ago