Mozilla patches ‘type confusion’ zero-day exploit in Firefox

A “type confusion” zero-day can be dangerous. Firefox users should read on to see why, and more important, make sure…

1 year ago

Lockwise: Mozilla’s better Firefox password manager — or is it?

Mozilla is rebranding and overhauling its Firefox password protection service into something called Lockwise. Are its motives entirely pure?

1 year ago

Mozilla patches critical vulnerabilities in Thunderbird

If you use the popular email client Thunderbird, put on your patching shoes. Parent company Mozilla has released fixes for…

1 year ago

Firefox Nightly, other browsers, take aim at Symantec certificates

Symantec certificates are now the scourge of the tech world for good reason. See what Silicon Valley is doing to…

2 years ago

Firefox vulnerability in its master password system has gone unpatched — for nine years!

A Firefox vulnerability related to its master password means it can be cracked relatively easily. That’s bad. But even worse,…

2 years ago

Firefox Breach Alerts warn about hacked websites

While still in the early development stages, Firefox Breach Alerts could add another layer of security to Mozilla’s popular web…

3 years ago

Download this now: Numerous Firefox vulnerabilities fixed in update

Mozilla has issued an update that patches numerous Firefox vulnerabilities. If you use this browser, download this new version immediately.

3 years ago

Mozilla issues patches for Firefox vulnerabilities

Mozilla has issued patches for several Firefox vulnerabilities, many of which could allow for malicious code to be executed.

4 years ago