Netflix phishing attack targets users with ‘legitimate’ links

A dangerously effective Netflix phishing campaign claiming to be from Netflix support is set up in a way that it…

6 months ago

How Facebook & Netflix use regression testing to improve release quality

Regression testing checks if a release or update to an application has resulted in new errors that previously didn’t exist.

8 months ago

Netflix bug bounty program expanded, payouts increased

A new public Netflix bug bounty program opens vulnerability searching to all white hats and increases the payouts for successful…

3 years ago

10 open source DevOps tools from top organizations you can use free

Open source helps DevOps thrive. These world-class companies are creating open source DevOps tools that not only benefit them but…

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Follow the leaders: How 3 companies made DevOps adoption work

DevOps adoption is not always easy. But these three companies made it work -- and your organization can, too. Here's…

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