Office 365

Flight plans: What really drives businesses to the cloud

The skies are getting crowded with businesses flocking to the cloud. What are the reasons behind this seemingly unstoppable trend?

1 week ago

Recovering Microsoft Teams messages: A step-by-step guide

Recovering Microsoft Teams messages isn’t impossible, but it is a process — a long and manual process. Here’s how to…

1 month ago

How to take Office 365 management to the next level

In the second part of our interview with CoreView CEO Michael Morrison, we learn more about his company’s suite of…

1 month ago

Ease the frustration of managing Office 365 in your enterprise

Office 365 has brought many efficiencies to businesses, but administering and managing it can often be frustrating. Fortunately, CoreView has…

2 months ago

Thinking differently: Office 365 and the power of governance

Just hearing the word “governance” can make any IT pro groan. But governance can often — if properly implemented —…

3 months ago

Easy on the eyes: Creating HTML reports using PowerShell

Comma Separated Value (CSV) reports you can open in Excel are so old school. Why not use PowerShell to create…

3 months ago

Step-by-step guide: Protecting your cloud email infrastructure

Just because your email has gone to the cloud doesn’t mean that it’s hands-off now. Here’s a step-by-step guide to…

3 months ago

Use Microsoft Flow to reduce everyone’s daily drudgery

We all have paper-pushing tasks even if we don’t use paper anymore. Microsoft Flow is your personal AI tool that…

4 months ago

Too much fun and games? Control Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

Microsoft Teams lets users use gifs and emojis to express themselves. But what if you don't want to allow that?…

5 months ago

Designing a digital suggestion box using Office 365’s new apps

There are a lot of little workplace annoyances IT can solve with simple app solutions like the one we used…

2 years ago