Oracle cloud digs in for a long hard battle against AWS

Oracle cloud has had a hard time catching up to AWS, but the database giant is leveraging its experience to…

1 year ago

How the battle for cloud supremacy is shaping up for 2019 and beyond

The pace of warfare is accelerating as the battle for cloud supremacy heats up. Here’s a snapshot of how things…

2 years ago

Oracle Blockchain Applications provide visibility through the supply chain

Oracle Blockchain Applications is a new suite of SaaS tools that lets users track products on a distributed ledger all…

2 years ago

Oracle second-gen cloud features security updates and more

The Oracle second-gen cloud contains new features and enhancements for users of its cloud infrastructure. Here’s what you should know…

2 years ago

Oracle ERP gets a handful of artificial intelligence upgrades

Some new AI features for Oracle ERP Cloud will help organizations better automate some of their core processes and streamline…

2 years ago

Oracle GraphPipe offers new efficient network protocol

Oracle GraphPipe provides a standard, high-performance protocol for transmitting tensor data and can simplify the implementation of clients and servers

2 years ago

New Oracle database solution gets you up and running fast

The new Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service lets you provision a scalable Oracle database that’s ready to use in…

2 years ago

Oracle Critical Patch Update for July targets record number of vulnerabilities

The Oracle Critical Patch Update for July targets an incredible 334 vulnerabilities, many of them classified as critical.

2 years ago

Oracle cloud looks to Kubernetes and automation to give it the edge

Oracle is betting big on the cloud, and it’s taking the container and Kubernetes route to compete. Find out how…

2 years ago

Oracle SaaS offerings get major upgrades as flight to cloud continues

Oracle is running to the cloud like it’s trying to escape a burning building, which is why Oracle SaaS offerings…

3 years ago