Network appliances: A third way when servers and cloud just won’t cut it

If the cloud doesn't seem right and buying a server costs too much, maybe network appliances can help small businesses…

1 month ago

MonitorMinor stalkerware: Dangerous new Android malware

Stalkerware has been on the rise for a while, but MonitorMinor threatens to take this type of spyware to new…

3 months ago

PhotoSquared data leak exposes users’ photos, information

PhotoSquared has experienced a data leak, mainly because the popular U.S.-based photo app failed to follow basic security protocols.

5 months ago

Keep a lid on your AWS cloud goodies with breach and attack simulation

If you store business data in the AWS cloud, you need to secure it against unauthorized access. A breach and…

6 months ago

Thinking differently: Office 365 and the power of governance

Just hearing the word “governance” can make any IT pro groan. But governance can often — if properly implemented —…

12 months ago

Business risk: Manage it, ignore it, or outsource it?

Business risk is a part of doing business. But whether that risk turns ugly and becomes a catastrophe depends chiefly…

1 year ago

Compliance vs. insurance: Walking the risk tightrope in the GDPR era

Risk is a part of any business activity, and GDPR is just another risk many companies need to face. But…

1 year ago

Internet privacy: Protecting your anonymity on the web in 2018

By default, Internet privacy is almost nonexistent — your activity is watched and logged by your provider. But there are…

2 years ago

It’s a small world after all: GDPR across borders

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect, so we will soon get real-world results of what happens when…

2 years ago

Digital privacy under attack: What you can do to protect yourself

While it is impossible to stay completely protected online, there are many steps that you can take to ensure your…

2 years ago