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Recovering your root password in a Red Hat OS base Linux

Can’t remember your root password in a Red Hat OS base Linux? No worries. Here’s how to recover it quickly…

4 months ago

Top 6 biggest cloud computing acquisitions of 2018

As cloud computing becomes the norm, bigger companies are snapping up smaller ones. Here are last year’s top cloud computing…

7 months ago

Container technology gets boring — and that’s a good thing

What’s behind the biggest new trends in container technology? The focus has shifted from shiny new toys toward “whatever gets…

8 months ago

Why hybrid cloud is all the rage in cloud computing today

Hybrid cloud is the ideal choice for enterprises that are trying to make a slow migration to the cloud. And…

8 months ago

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018 — What to expect

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 starts tomorrow in Seattle. Here’s what is on the schedule at this much-anticipated event.

10 months ago

The $34B IBM-Red Hat deal is all about cloud and open source

$34 billion is a hefty price tag for IBM to pay for Red Hat, but all things considered, could this…

11 months ago

Red Hat’s $250M acquisition of CoreOS: Why it’s all about Kubernetes

Red Hat’s acquisition of CoreOS for $250 million is really all about Kubernetes. Here’s a closer look at the deal…

2 years ago

Red Hat on Azure: Now we’ve seen everything

An unlikely alliance has Microsoft and Red Hat working together in a hybrid environment.

2 years ago

DIY hybrid cloud: Blending tools and services that work best for you

Enterprises want a hybrid cloud, but the choices available may not fit their needs. The solution, especially for container configurations:…

2 years ago

Kubernetes 1.5 comes to Windows Server 2016

Kubernetes 1.5, the new version of the container-applications manager, supports Windows Server 2016 for the first time. What does this…

3 years ago