service mesh

Cloud visibility: Go beyond metrics and logs to see what’s going on

Logs and metrics give you an idea of what’s going on with your cloud-native apps, but dedicated cloud visibility solutions…

6 months ago

Container security rises to meet the challenges of container vulnerabilities

As container technology becomes ubiquitous, container security has become crucial. Here’s a look at some recent innovations in this growing…

1 year ago

Battle of the Kubernetes service meshes: Istio vs. Consul

Istio and Consul have their pros and cons, but both service meshes are equally important in the big picture of…

1 year ago

Why the service mesh is an improvement over earlier network topologies

Modern applications must be “on-the-ball” all the time. Service mesh is built to handle unpredictability and sheer numbers in the…

1 year ago uses Istio to make canary releases a breeze

Vamp helps developers manage canary releases and updates without having to care about the risks involved in releasing new updates.

2 years ago

Kubernetes service mesh market is a lot more than Istio

Adopting a service mesh is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity. A healthy sign of this is that Istio…

2 years ago

Container technology gets boring — and that’s a good thing

What’s behind the biggest new trends in container technology? The focus has shifted from shiny new toys toward “whatever gets…

2 years ago

Linkerd enables a modern server mesh in Kubernetes

Linkerd brings new enhancements to Kubernetes networking. Along with CNI and Istio, it is revolutionizing how containers are networked.

3 years ago