Too much fun and games? Control Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

Microsoft Teams lets users use gifs and emojis to express themselves. But what if you don't want to allow that?…

1 year ago

Surprising places where your Microsoft Teams data is stored

Do you know where your Teams data is? As an end-user, there is little reason for you to care. But…

2 years ago

Microsoft unveils new SharePoint innovations, including AI and mixed reality

At its recent SharePoint Virtual Summit, Microsoft revealed several new SharePoint innovations that expand the functionality of the popular platform.

2 years ago

Air turbulence when piloting Office 365 to the cloud

Migrations from conventional IT to the cloud can be challenging. This story of a pilot to move Office 365 to…

2 years ago

Go with Microsoft Flow and make SharePoint document approvals easy

SharePoint has had the document approval feature for many years but the approval process was cumbersome. Using Microsoft Flow, it's…

3 years ago

Designing a digital suggestion box using Office 365’s new apps

There are a lot of little workplace annoyances IT can solve with simple app solutions like the one we used…

3 years ago

Fix broken business processes with SharePoint, Flow, and PowerApps

A broken business process costs you time and money as employees struggle to complete a task that has become unnecessarily…

3 years ago

Microsoft unveils new innovations for OneDrive and SharePoint

Microsoft has unveiled some new innovations for SharePoint and OneDrive that include powerful integrations across Office 365, Windows, and Azure.

3 years ago

SharePoint Virtual Summit: What's in store?

We can expect many exciting announcements during the annual Microsoft Sharepoint summit scheduled to take place on May 16th of…

3 years ago

Yammer + Office 365 = <3

Yammer and Office 365 Groups have just integrated, making it easier for a Yammer group to collaborate on Microsoft technologies.

3 years ago