Social engineering

Business email compromise attacks on the rise: FinCEN

A new report by a U.S. agency shows business email compromise attacks are on the rise, with companies that conduct…

7 months ago

Web domain fraud skyrockets, presents ‘widespread threat to businesses’

Web domain fraud can ruin your company’s reputation or, even worse, ruin your company. With this cyberthreat growing at an…

8 months ago

Fool’s gold: Ethereum social engineering scammers snag gullible Twitter users

Who are the latest trying to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze? Criminals, of course, as this new scam involving…

2 years ago

Business email compromise attack creating havoc

Sometimes the most effective cyberattacks are those that hack people rather than systems. Business email compromise attacks are one such…

2 years ago

Social studies: Penetration tests for your human network

Cyber criminals operating from the Dark Web may not be the biggest threat to your organization's security. The biggest threats…

3 years ago

Social media addicts: your face can bite you in your ass

At a recent security conference, security and computer vision specialists showed how facial recognition-based security can be tricked using images…

3 years ago

Social Engineering: Why Humans Are The Greatest Security Threat

Malicious hackers are not only talented at coding and bypassing cybersecurity measures; many are also talented at hacking people.

4 years ago