spear phishing

An inside look at the business of cyberthreat detection and interdiction

What’s it like working as a cyberthreat detection expert whose job is to analyze every threat to our connected world?…

1 month ago

How spammers harvest email addresses — and what you can do about it

Spammers are pretty smart and have thought up many ingenious ways of getting hold of your email address. Is there…

6 months ago

Whoa, don’t open that email!

Would you open your front door if you knew that the person knocking wanted to rob you? So why would…

6 months ago

Prepare for the inevitable: Incident response plan to phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and every business is a prime target. Do you have an incident response plan…

7 months ago

Olympic Destroyer attackers back with a vengeance, eye bigger targets

Instead of laying low, the threat actors known as Olympic Destroyer are pursuing bigger targets with more aggressive measures.

2 years ago

CloudFanta malware is infecting SugarSync cloud users

Newly discovered CloudFanta spear phishing malware is bad news for users of the cloud service SugarSync.

3 years ago

'Operation Ghoul' cyber attack hits industrial, engineering sectors

Operation Ghoul is a new spear phishing attack that targets senior members and executives of industrial and engineering organizations all…

3 years ago

What? I'm fired? - Don't fall victim to spear phishing!

In January, the CEO of aerospace manufacturer FACC in Europe fell victim to possibly one of the worst cyberphishing acts…

4 years ago

Social Engineering: Why Humans Are The Greatest Security Threat

Malicious hackers are not only talented at coding and bypassing cybersecurity measures; many are also talented at hacking people.

4 years ago