From Slack to stateful serverless: An interview with Nimbella

Commander for Slack is the latest product from the serverless computing platform startup Nimbella. In this T-Suite Podcast, we learn…

8 months ago

T-Suite Podcast: Keep your app close and your traffic faster

App developers may lose clients because of poor performance. In this T-Suite Podcast, Apcela CEO Mark Casey discusses ways to…

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T-Suite Podcast: Creative destruction — Proper IT asset liquidation

If you plan to liquidate your IT assets, it is critical you have a chain of custody for every device…

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T-Suite Podcast: API-first development with Postman’s Abhinav Astahna

In today’s T-Suite Podcast: More on the importance of the API-first software development philosophy with Postman’s Abhinav Asthana.

1 year ago

T-Suite Podcast: Inclusive design with Intuit’s Vince Abbate

For tech to deliver on its ultimate mission of improving everyone’s lives, making inclusive design a priority ensures every user…

1 year ago

T-Suite Podcast: Content at the speed of Agile with Meredith Volk

There are many reasons for implementing the Agile method. In today’s T-Suite Podcast, we talk with Meredith Volk, who gives…

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T-Suite Podcast: Future of chatbots with Alex Masycheff

Chatbots have evolved from limited and often frustrating helpers to leverage a treasure trove of content to solve problems. What…

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T-Suite Podcast: Emphasize empathy for better teams — and managers

Becoming a great manager takes a lot of hard work. And as we learn in this T-Suite Podcast, it also…

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