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FlexApp from Liquidware as application virtualization solution: Pros & cons

If your shop is considering using LiquidWare FlexApp as an application virtualization solution, read this article first before you decide.

3 months ago

Help corner: I need to back up my servers!

Our IT pro readers from around the world help one of our community who has been tasked with the job…

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Containers or virtual machines: How to choose

Recognize the similarities and differences between containers and virtual machines to select the perfect fit, saving you money and resources.

3 years ago

How Windows Server 2016 manages security – for CIOs

For Windows Server 2016, Microsoft realized that fighting cybercrime is not just for IT teams. The new version has enhanced…

4 years ago

VMware’s response to a world gone Docker

As the popularity of Docker and containers surged, VMware had two choices: Get on board or get out of the…

4 years ago

How virtualization has changed in the last 15 years

Server virtualization has been one of the most influential technologies of the last decade. Fifteen or so years ago, however,…

4 years ago

Top things you need to know about Nano Server

One of the biggest announcements made by Microsoft this year was the Nano Server, their new installation option for Windows…

4 years ago

VMware Fusion: Top 3 mistakes your users are making

Mistakes VMware Fusion users are making -- and how you can help prevent them.

4 years ago

VirtualBox remote management on Windows with Hyperbox

Looking to manage your VirtualBox virtual machines remotely? Check out Hyperbox and this tutorial on how to get it up…

4 years ago

How to start VirtualBox machines automatically as a service

Did you know that VirtualBox doesn't easily support automatic startup on a Windows host? That's annoying, isn't it? Well, here's…

4 years ago