zero day

Google hikes payouts on Chrome bug-bounty program

In an attempt to make its products safer, Google is enticing the best and brightest with higher payouts in its…

12 months ago

OSX/Linker: New zero-day malware targets Mac devices

The cloak of invulnerability Mac users feel protects them from malware is torn again. OSX/Linker is a zero-day that attacks…

1 year ago

Mozilla patches ‘type confusion’ zero-day exploit in Firefox

A “type confusion” zero-day can be dangerous. Firefox users should read on to see why, and more important, make sure…

1 year ago

eGobbler iOS malvertising campaign uses Chrome zero-day

A destructive malvertising campaign dubbed “eGobbler” leverages a zero-day exploit in the Chrome browser to attack iOS users.

1 year ago

Severe zero-day exploit found in NUUO CCTV cameras

NUUO CCTV cameras are facing a serious security incident thanks to a one-two punch of a backdoor and buffer overflow…

2 years ago

New Microsoft Windows zero-day found: What you need to know

InfoSec researchers have found a new and potentially dangerous Windows zero-day exploit that has the ability to allow local privilege…

2 years ago

Satori botnet about to cause a whole lot of trouble worldwide

Meet Satori, the newest variant of the destructive Mirai botnet, which seems to have a lot more power in its…

3 years ago