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Cryptomining arrest only the start of problems for these nuke plant workers

Cryptomining on the job behind the boss’s back is bad enough, but when the employees work in a nuclear power…

3 days ago

Great year for hackers: Top 2019 data breaches so far

After reading about these big 2019 data breaches, you’d be forgiven for doubting that your personal information can ever be…

4 days ago

Lyceum hacker group targeting Middle East energy sector

A new threat group dubbed Lyceum is attacking “sectors of strategic national importance” in the Middle East. It is unclear…

5 days ago

Convicted cybercrime bank scammer ‘Prezzi’ gets prison sentence

The bank scammer known as “Prezzi” can think long and hard about the damage he has done. He has been…

6 days ago

Emotet botnet reappears, and it may be more deadly than ever

The information-stealing botnet Emotet is back after a short hiatus. Here’s why InfoSec researchers are concerned — and you should…

1 week ago

Citrix Managed Desktops offers new desktop-as-a-service functionality

Citrix Managed Desktops is a new cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that moves the Citrix and Microsoft strategic partnership further along.

2 weeks ago

Azure Security Center for IoT now generally available

Azure Security Center for IoT is designed to address the many security challenges facing IoT deployments. Here’s more on this…

2 weeks ago

Apple patches iOS jailbreaking vulnerability — again

Apple thought a recent patch put its worries about iOS jailbreaking vulnerabilities behind it. But they had to revisit the…

2 weeks ago

New Fortnite ransomware targets players who cheat

Do you plan on “aimbotting” in Fortnite? It may be a winning strategy — unless you find yourself infected by…

2 weeks ago

Chips are down: hit by Magecart hackers

Users of the popular site are getting way more than they bet on thanks to a vulnerability that opened…

2 weeks ago