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Windows Terminal offers helpful features for command-line users

Get your geek on! A new Windows Terminal application for command-line users includes tons of new features requested by community…

8 hours ago

Thousands of MongoDB databases deleted in cyber-extortion attacks

MongoDB databases are getting deleted by the thousands. We've got a problem here, folks, and the blame goes to a…

14 hours ago

Docker Enterprise 3.0 introduces new tools for container-based applications

Docker Enterprise 3.0, currently out in public beta, lets developers build container-based multiservice applications right on their desktop.

1 day ago

U.S.-China trade war fallout: Google cuts off Huawei’s access to Android

Google has cut off Huawei from access to its Android operating system. What does this mean for users of the…

1 day ago

Google I/O 2019: Android Q, Nest Hub, Google Duplex, and more

There was no shortage of highlights at Google I/O 2019. Here’s what the tech giant had to say about Android…

1 week ago

Digital implants are the future — but are they a good idea?

Digital implants to augment the human body’s natural capabilities could end up being the next phase of the IoT revolution.…

1 week ago

Dell Technologies World 2019: Data protection and management products

Businesses face a slew of data protection and data management issues. Here’s a look at some solutions offered at Dell…

1 week ago

Google I/O 2019: Affordable Pixel 3a and 3a XL are here

Google has finally decided to buck the $1,000-plus smartphone trend and has introduced the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a…

2 weeks ago

Dell Technologies World 2019: Storage innovations

Dell Technologies World 2019 brought together IT leaders from around the world. Here are the top announcements about storage innovations…

2 weeks ago

Cloud SQL from Google for Microsoft SQL Server unveiled

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular tool for enterprises. Google Cloud SQL — currently in sneak preview — will let…

2 weeks ago