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Broken hearts: OkCupid vulnerability exposes users credentials to hackers

Looking for a match on OKCupid? If you open certain links, you could find a nightmare scenario instead of your…

Google says it’s bolstered its defenses against Play Store malicious apps

The Google Play Store has been in the news way too often in connection with malicious apps that end up…

Cryptojacking applications discovered in Microsoft Store

If you downloaded certain apps from the Microsoft Store recently, you may be unwittingly a pawn in a cryptojacking scheme.

SysKey, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

For grizzled IT veterans who remember — or even still use —SysKey, it’s time to move on. The utility is…

Cisco CloudCenter Suite provides improved cloud-management features

Work in a multicloud environment? The new Cisco CloudCenter Suite may be for you. It is an integrated set of…

Intel announces new tech, including laptop innovation Project Athena

Intel unveiled new products and technology including processors and Project Athena, an initiative meant to usher in a new class…

IBM unveils an array of new products and technologies

IBM doesn’t intend to be left behind as new technologies like AI come to the fore. With that in mind,…

Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud services offers simple deployment

The new Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud allows users to access the array of capabilities of Cisco’s hyperconverged infrastructure.

U.S. vs. Huawei: This skirmish is really about a bigger war

U.S. vs. Huawei is really more about U.S. vs. China and the struggle for dominance between the two technology superpowers.

Cisco Hyperflex 4.0 helps with deploying HCI at edge locations

With applications increasingly distributed across multiple environments, datacenters must follow that data wherever it goes. Enter Cisco Hyperflex 4.0.