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Free Microsoft Teams version now available for small businesses

Good news for small businesses on a tight budget: A free Microsoft Teams version is available. Here’s what it does…

Microsoft unveils Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall

Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall, two new offerings from Microsoft, can help your organization with both connectivity and security.

Microsoft Teams live events delivers ‘one-to-many’ video and content streaming

Microsoft Teams live events, available in public preview, will help businesses of all sizes deliver a “one-to-many” video and content-streaming…

Parasite HTTP RAT is newest Dark Web malware threat

While its appearance in the wild has been minimal, Parasite HTTP is poised to cause many issues for cybersecurity divisions…

Xeon E-2100 joins Intel’s line of processors

Intel has unveiled the Xeon E-2100 processor, specifically designed for entry-level workstations and creative professionals.

New technology trends every IT manager must track and follow

The world of IT is evolving with new technology at breakneck speed. Catch these important trends before they pass you…

Exchange Web Services to no longer get feature updates, Basic Authentication to be decommissioned

Microsoft says there will be no more updates to Exchange Web Services. Here’s what’s behind the decision and the impact…

Google Cloud Filestore offers managed cloud storage options for applications

Cloud Filestore, a simple and integrated managed file storage for applications, is the latest addition to Google Cloud Platform.

Shipping giant COSCO brutalized by ransomware attack

A still-unknown type of ransomware has caused major problems for COSCO, one of the United States’ top shipping companies.

Cisco Crosswork offers new framework for modern networking

Cisco Crosswork is a new automated framework that can help you keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern networking.