Check that checksum: Validate media files with PowerShell

When downloading files from the Internet, especially ISO files, what you see may not be what you get. Be safe:…

3 hours ago

Another tool for your toolbox: Using Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica

For those who use the Hyper-V replica feature, a tool from Microsoft can help you analyze the infrastructure required to…

1 day ago

Create a Log Analytics query without using your keyboard (No experience necessary!)

Never created a query in Log Analytics? It’s easy. In the case shown here, it’s so easy you don’t need…

1 day ago

Can I have your attention: Add PowerShell on-screen alerts to your scripts

While there is no native command for pop-up messages in PowerShell, you can generate PowerShell on-screen alerts and pop-up boxes…

2 days ago

How to create an Azure disaster recovery site using Azure Site Recovery

Here’s how to replicate an application running in one of the Azure regions to another region with just a few…

2 days ago

Managing virtual machine images in Microsoft Azure

The use of up-to-date virtual machine images makes the deployment of new VMs a more straightforward process, as this tutorial…

5 days ago

Assign DNS name to VM in Azure to ensure remote connectivity

Azure lets you assign a DNS name to a server, thereby ensuring a remote connection even if the public IP…

1 week ago

How to recover deleted mailbox items from Exchange Server

Your deleted emails in Exchange are forgotten but not gone — at least for a while. Here’s a step-by-step guide…

1 week ago

Connecting virtual networks in Azure with Microsoft peering

Microsoft peering is the go-to solution for configuring interoperability among your virtual networks in Azure. This guide shows you how…

1 week ago

Azure default resource group and default workspace: What are they?

Ever wonder why your Azure subscription has a resource group called DefaultResourceGroup and DefaultWorkspace? Wonder no more.

2 weeks ago