Using MFA to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell

Exchange Online PowerShell is a great tool for managing Exchange Online in Office 365. But there are a few steps…

1 day ago

Can’t access your VM? Using the Microsoft Azure redeploy feature

You sometimes need to redeploy a virtual machine because you can’t access the VM. Here’s how to use the Azure…

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Getting ATP/ZAP errors? Double-check your users’ junk email settings

Some annoying error messages can be caused by a bad configuration with your users’ junk email settings. Here’s how to…

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Need for speed: Facilitating the ‘export template’ feature in Microsoft Azure

If you are planning to start automating processes or use Visual Studio to streamline deployments, here’s how to quickly export…

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Git basics for IT pros: Using it with your PowerShell scripts

In this second article in our series on how IT professionals can use Git, we show you how to use…

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Building a virtual machine gallery in Windows 10

Setting up a virtual machine gallery option is a relatively straightforward process. This step-by-step walkthrough will get you there quickly.

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Are domain controllers using correct DNS settings?

Domain controllers must be configured to use correct DNS settings or Active Directory will not work. This PowerShell script will…

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Connecting to your Windows VM instance in Google Cloud Platform

If you are wondering how to connect to your brand-new VM instance that you just created on GCP, wonder no…

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Checking to see how much space is really available for your Hyper-V VM

Ever wonder if there’s enough physical space to allow you to perform an action in a Hyper-V VM? Here’s how…

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Using PowerShell to check domain controllers’ uptime

It is necessary to check if domain controllers were rebooted to avoid security risks as patching them means a reboot.…

1 month ago