Microsoft Hyper-V

Another tool for your toolbox: Using Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica

For those who use the Hyper-V replica feature, a tool from Microsoft can help you analyze the infrastructure required to…

1 day ago

Use baselines to ensure patch compliance for Hyper-V virtual machines

It is important that virtual machine infrastructure is kept up to date. Here’s how to use baselines to ensure patch…

4 weeks ago

How to create custom-built port profiles for virtual network adapters

Using custom-built port profiles for virtual network adapters does wonders for your virtualization infrastructure. This step-by-step guide shows you how.

2 months ago

Creating failover clusters in System Center Virtual Machine Manager

While there is technically nothing wrong with creating failover clusters from within the Failover Cluster Manager, here’s what we believe…

2 months ago

Repair Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines with PowerShell

Hyper-V is reliable for hosting virtual machines, but things sometimes go wrong. Fortunately, PowerShell can repair Hyper-V hosts and fix…

4 months ago

Checking to see how much space is really available for your Hyper-V VM

Ever wonder if there’s enough physical space to allow you to perform an action in a Hyper-V VM? Here’s how…

5 months ago

Using PowerShell to locate a Hyper-V virtual machine

What can you do if you need to know which Hyper-V host a particular VM is running on? Roll up…

6 months ago

Trouble adding Hyper-V host to Virtual Machine Manager? Do this

System Center Virtual Machine Manager makes adding a Hyper-V host easy. But sometimes problems occur. If this happens to you,…

6 months ago

Problem solved: When Hyper-V won’t boot a newly created VM

Creating a new VM on a Hyper-V server usually goes well — until it doesn’t. The solution to one perplexing…

6 months ago

Yes, you can: Enabling BitLocker encryption for Generation 1 Hyper-V VMs

Think you can’t enable BitLocker on a Gen 1 Hyper-V virtual machine? Think again. And here’s a step-by-step guide how…

7 months ago