Microsoft Hyper-V

Generation 1 virtual machines: Modernize them and bring them up to date

In many companies, Generation 1 virtual machines have been superseded by Gen 2 VMs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t…

3 days ago

Virtual machine converter: VMware virtual hard disks to Hyper-V

There are several ways you can convert a virtual machine from VMware to Hyper-V. Here’s how you can do it…

2 months ago

Using VMM to run scripts to manage remote Hyper-V hosts

When it comes to the bulk management of Hyper-V hosts (or of any Windows server, for that matter), I have…

2 months ago

Nested virtualization for Hyper-V with System Center VMM

It is relatively easy to configure nested virtualization for Hyper-V within System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Here are the steps…

6 months ago

Why you need to check your virtualization host’s NUMA configuration

Should you disallow NUMA spanning in your Hyper-V architecture? There are two sides to this story, and you’ll get both…

11 months ago

Migrating and configuring Hyper-V passthrough disks

Believe it or not, Hyper-V virtual machines can be configured to use a dedicated physical hard disk, which is referred…

11 months ago

Working with the free Hyper-V Configuration Tool from ManageEngine

ManageEngine offers a free Hyper-V Configuration Tool that comes with some nice features. But don’t expect it to replace Hyper-V…

12 months ago

Another tool for your toolbox: Using Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica

For those who use the Hyper-V replica feature, a tool from Microsoft can help you analyze the infrastructure required to…

12 months ago

Use baselines to ensure patch compliance for Hyper-V virtual machines

It is important that virtual machine infrastructure is kept up to date. Here’s how to use baselines to ensure patch…

1 year ago

How to create custom-built port profiles for virtual network adapters

Using custom-built port profiles for virtual network adapters does wonders for your virtualization infrastructure. This step-by-step guide shows you how.

1 year ago