Xtreme Podcast: Is there still an ‘I’ in innovation?


Welcome back to the Xtreme Minute! This is our weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to the weeks hot tech topics along with additional TechGenix content.

We begin today with an article from Amy Babinchak titled, Get your message out: Make your business tagline work for you. There is no doubt that we all love and remember classic corporate taglines. The caution is that a “me” centric tagline, or one that is not generally understood, can have the reverse effect and potentially result in a negative impact to your business.

Next up is Brien Posey with What is the true driving force behind technological innovation? Hierarchy is king, and while corporations speak of teams and empowerment, they really just want us to do what we are told and interest in our innovative ideas is no longer encouraged. While I believe that technology is driven by help from aliens, Brien’s approach is to look at more logical alternatives such as porn and Hollywood.

We wrap up the podcast with two articles about cyber insurance. Mitch Tulloch offers a warning in his article, You’re patched, but are you insured? Check your cyber insurance policy. The second article, titled A quick cyber insurance guide for GDPR compliance is from the mysterious Stephen M.W. Cyber insurance is new, and we don’t even know yet if it actually works. Today we are faced with policy wording that is contradictory, confusing, and undefined. The message is that you need to read your cyber insurance policy thoroughly and work through the detail with your carrier. Good luck!

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Louise is a cynical and often irritating project manager currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who is not personally responsible for anything oil sands related. She often eats popcorn for dinner and fears that her dog judges her. Special skills include milking a cow as well as the ability to uncork a wine bottle without the use of a corkscrew.

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