10 reasons to use ISA Server 2004 as your remote access VPN server and VPN gateway

ISA Server 2004 isn’t just a multilayer filtering firewall and Web caching server, it’s also a secure remote access VPN server or gateway. Here’s a look at some key advantages that could make ISA Server the best VPN choice for your network.

Windows expert Dr. Thomas Shinder created this list that explains 10 key benefits of using ISA Server 2004 as your remote access VPN server or VPN gateway. Here are just a few:

  • Active Directory integration for user authentication. The ISA firewall’s VPN server enables you to leverage your current Active Directory user database and group classifications to authenticate with the VPN server.
  • RADIUS user mapping for non-Active Directory users. The ISA firewall’s VPN server allows you to map non-Windows users to Windows accounts. When user mapping is enabled, you can create and enforce any firewall policy rules that apply to users.
  • Granular access control over what VPN users can access on the corporate network. Unlike the typical hardware VPN server, the ISA firewall’s VPN server enables you to easily control what users access once they connect to the corporate network through the VPN link. You can use the ISA firewall’s per-user/per-group access controls and extend those to determine which resources users can access once connected

Download the full white paper at: http://whitepapers.zdnet.com/abstract.aspx?docid=172723&promo=200111



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