10 reasons why Linux isn’t triumphing over Windows

The Web is awash with articles about how much better and more secure Linux is than Windows. To say imagethere’s a cottage industry in this area probably isn’t overstating the case. However, on the flip side, you would be hard pressed to see an industry independent come out with a convincing set of reasons on how Windows has it over Linux.

That was until I found this article by Kris Littlejohn. Kris makes it clear that Linux remains far in the rear in a number of fronts, not the least being security.

The security conversation is extremely important to bring up, because a lot of unsophisticated “security types” think Linux must be more secure because of the “many eyes” principle of software security.

As you already know, one million un-incented and unsophisticated eyes looking at code is nothing compared to 100 educated, trained and incented eyes using the Microsoft SDL. I think the myth of Linux security superiority is over, as least on the part of the earth that isn’t flat 🙂

As Al Gore might say “I believe the debate about Linux security is over”

Check out the article at http://downloads.techrepublic.com.com/abstract.aspx?docid=933415&tag=nl.e101 and see what you think.



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