10 Tips when deploying Exchange Server 2007

With Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, deployment is easier than it’s ever been. Take a look at some of the major improvements to Exchange 2007 Setup:

• The Setup wizard has a new look! It is easy to use and effortlessly guides you through the installation.

• Setup is role-based, which means you can deploy individual server roles. Having the capability to select which server roles you want to deploy provides you with the flexibility to design an Exchange topology that is customized for your needs.

• By using the engine from the Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool, all of the deployment prerequisites are automatically checked. Just like the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool, the Setup wizard provides detailed information about any prerequisites that are not met so that you can make any necessary changes to you computer or your environment. Then you can either retry the prerequisite check or run the Setup wizard again.

• Before checking the prerequisites, Setup attempts to retrieve the latest version of the prereq.xml file from www.microsoft.com. This way, you will always have the most up-to-date prerequisite checks before you begin.

Even with all the great improvements to Exchange 2007 Setup, there are still a few things you should know before you install Exchange 2007. This article presents the top 10 issues that our very first Exchange 2007 customers have discussed, stumbled upon, and requested guidance about. 

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