123Together.com First Exchange Hosting Company to Offer Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 on Microsoft’s Validated Platform

123Together is now offering hosted Exchange 2007 to its customers, making them the first company to offer this new version of Microsoft Exchange using Microsoft’s solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) Version 4.0 platform.

BURLINGTON, MA, April 10, 2007123Together.com, a leading provider of Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Windows SharePoint Services, announced today it is now offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, a significant upgrade of the industry leading platform for e-mail, mobility and collaboration. Designed to meet all of an organization’s unique messaging needs, Exchange Server 2007 is immediately available and accessible to small and medium businesses through a hosted environment thanks to 123Together.com and its Fortune 500 infrastructure.

123Together.com is the first provider to bring Hosted Exchange 2007 to market using the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) Version 4.0 – the only platform that Microsoft has designed, tested and validated for Exchange Server hosting. 123Together.com is the first and only Exchange Hosting provider to have implemented Microsoft’s extensive design for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 hosting so that SMBs can start using it today.

Benefits of 123Together.com’s Exchange Hosting

123Together.com empowers SMBs to have the same resource as most Fortune 500 companies for three main benefits:
1) anywhere, anytime access to their full Microsoft Outlook data from any computer or mobile device
2) increase productivity via calendar sharing and collaboration
3) peace of mind knowing that experts are maintaining, updating, and securing the system continuously.

“We are able to provide the power of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to SMBs. Companies that normally could not even consider implementing Exchange Server 2007 in-house can now sign up and start using it immediately – no need to purchase new 64bit servers, retrain administrators or hire consultants. We are also seeing mid-market companies show more interest in outsourcing their messaging and collaboration and having it managed by Exchange experts,” said Ravi Agarwal, chief executive officer of 123Together.com. Additionally, Microsoft has designed Exchange Server 2007 for larger mailbox sizes. Recognizing that many customer use their Microsoft Outlook as a virtual filing cabinet and are too busy to clean their mailbox on a regular basis, 123Together.com has increased the maximum mailbox size by 50% to an industry leading 15GB for Exchange Server 2007 hosting.

Why Hosted Exchange instead of in-house?

Implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in-house for most SMBs does not make sense from both an ROI and an availability perspective. For organizations currently running a previous version of Exchange Server, upgrading to the latest version will typically be very expensive as they must purchase new 64bit hardware and existing Exchange administrators must be retrained due to significant changes in the way Exchange Server is installed and administered.

However, it is after the initial installation that the majority of expenses are incurred in maintaining a mission critical application such as Microsoft Exchange Server. The in-house installation requires spare storage and servers as well as 24×7 proactive monitoring to ensure uptime.

“Exchange Server 2007 requires companies to make a large investment of multiple servers and re-training of personnel. It is much less costly and time consuming to outsource your Exchange hosting needs to 123Together.com,” added Agarwal.

About 123Together.com
123Together.com, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, helps small and medium-sized businesses leverage the power of Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows SharePoint Services. With over 9 years of hosting industry experience, 123Together.com is one of the largest providers of Microsoft Exchange Hosting.

With up to a 100% uptime guarantee, 123Together.com is the leader in providing Mission Critical E-mail( )to companies such as banks, airlines, pharmaceuticals, and public companies around the world all with flexible hosting options. These include shared and dedicated server hosting, mobile accessibility for Blackberry, Treo, and Windows Mobile handhelds as well as the ability to resell the service completely white labeled.

123Together.com offers free Outlook 2007, 24×7 U.S.-based tech support, advanced SPAM filtering, virus scanning, unlimited Public Folders, RPC over HTTP(S), VPN, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook Mobile Access (OMA), web-based administration, daily backups, and continuous monitoring. 123Together.com also offers a 30-day trial.

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