123Together.com’s proprietary tools enable deployment of Hosted Exchange Server for mid-market

Companies with 250+ employees are able to roll out Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 without new investments in infrastructure and training, no downtime and fast, customized migration process.

Burlington, MA, May 22, 2007 – 123Together.com, the leading provider of hosted enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solutions such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Hosted Windows SharePoint Services v3.0, has recently rolled out additional automation tools which address the needs of mid-market companies, enabling them to easily utilize the latest e-mail and collaboration technology in a hosted manner.

Medium-sized businesses are struggling to fulfill the growing storage and technology needs of their users. In-house IT management has become extremely difficult because of the high penetration of ever-changing two-way smart phones, user demands for larger mailboxes and new products like Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 – which requires new 64-bit hardware and features a completely redesigned management interface.

The tools and processes that 123Together.com has developed provide a turnkey alternative. “Our exclusive suite of tools makes the lives of all IT professionals easier when managing and provisioning Exchange Server in a hosted environment,” said Gagan Prakash, Chief Operating Officer of 123Together.com. “Typically, mid-sized companies have limited resources making growing, maintaining and monitoring systems, software, networking and storage gear a significant challenge and an impediment to future growth. Our hosted platform allows companies to easily scale as their messaging requirements increase – without having to make investments in IT, personnel or other resources. Additionally, our 100% uptime SLA allows them to hold us accountable.”

Easy Migration Processes

123Together.com allows organizations to migrate their mailboxes and data as quickly or gradually as needed and provides customizable processes for both scenarios. Being able to transition employees’ e-mail at a rate that the organization can easily absorb is key to making the transition as simple and painless as possible.

Bulk Export and Import

123Together.com is the only Hosted Microsoft Exchange provider to offer bulk export and import tools. In-house solutions and other Exchange hosting providers typically require customers to create one mailbox at a time. 123Together.com’s industry exclusive Active Directory Export and Bulk Spreadsheet Import tool allows for quick creation of all of an organization’s mailboxes, contacts, and distribution lists.

Policy-Based Controls

Exchange Server is typically managed one user at a time. For its larger customers, 123Together.com offers Policy-Based Controls where settings on groups of users can be changed collectively with one action. These settings include limits on access mechanisms, advanced settings, as well as mailbox quotas. Customers can have mailboxes as large as 15GB.

Password Policies

123Together.com allows customers to control the password policies for their users. Administrators are able to control the type of characters which must be included, password expiration as well as other settings which ensure that their users’ passwords are in compliance with their corporate policies.

Backups and Archiving

An organization’s IT staff can also control the frequency and storage of their backups. 123Together.com ensures that backups function correctly and tests them regularly to ensure that data can be restored if necessary. For organizations which comply with Sarbanes-Oxley data retention laws and have special archiving needs for compliance, litigation and quick retrieval, being able to control data backup and retention is a key benefit in choosing a Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution from 123Together.com.

Employee E-mail Setup

123Together.com has developed its own Outlook Auto Setup Tool, which allows IT professionals to set up new employees with the most appropriate Microsoft Office Outlook and Exchange Server configuration, for that desktop, in just a few clicks.

About 123Together.com

Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, 123Together.com, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading provider of hosted enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solutions including Microsoft Exchange Server. Among its offerings are shared and dedicated Microsoft Exchange Server hosting, shared and dedicated Windows SharePoint Services v3.0, full mobile availability for BlackBerry, Treo, PocketPC, SmartPhone and Windows Mobile handhelds; and the ability to resell the service completely white labeled. 123Together.com offers Exchange customers free Outlook 2007, 24×7 U.S.-based technical support, advanced spam and virus filtering, and a 100 percent uptime guarantee for dedicated servers. A 30-day no obligation trial is available. Additional information can be found at www.123Together.com.

Hosted Exchange 2007: http://www.123together.com/es2007/hosted-exchange-2007.xhtml

Hosted Exchange 2003: http://www.123together.com/seho/Exchange_Hosting.xhtml

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