16 million mobile devices are estimated to be infected by malware

2014 saw a variety of innovative DDoS attacks (NTP MON_LIST, DNS DDoS using home routers and mobile Wi Fi® hotspots), new vulnerabilities and exploits (Heartbleed, ShellShock, Android FakeID), new Apple attacks (WireLurker and Masque), high-profile breaches (Sony, Regin), and new mobile  malware (NotCompatible, Koler, hactivism with LOIC). Motive Security Labs says that the following are trends that were noticed in 2014 and that will come into prominence in 2015:

  • Botnets move to mobile and the cloud
  • Adware becomes mainstream
  • Hactivism goes mobile
  • Internet of Things gets hit
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Attacks on the cloud

Download the full report from here – https://resources.alcatel-lucent.com/asset/184652

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