20 Microsoft Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Tips

Michel Roth has been tweeting various Microsoft Hyper-V Dynamic Memory tips. Now, he has taken those tips and compiled them all into a single article. Some of the tips include:

  • Dynamic Memory Tip#3: If you want demo DM quickly, just set the MSPaint image properties to the maximum size.
  • Dynamic Memory Tip#8: Don’t worry if you don’t see DM returning RAM when you close apps. This is by design. Only under heavy load will RAM be reclaimed.
  • Dynamic Memory Tip#11: VMs need to be powered of change/enable Startup RAM and Maximum RAM
  • Dynamic Memory Tip#15: DM is most effective when you determine the RAM needed to just successfully boot and set Startup RAM to that value.
  • Dynamic Memory Tip#18: Setting Startup RAM too low is bad. Real bad. Your VM will not boot and there is no descriptive message on the VM.

For more great tips, continue reading this article at the source…

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