Allowing the ISA 2004 Firewall to use Windows Update Services

 Allowing the ISA 2004 Firewall to use Windows Update Services
By Steve Moffat MCP, MCSA, DCSE

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Windows Update Services is Microsoft’s new version of System Update Services (SUS). In this short article, I will walk you through the steps involved to allow the ISA Server to contact WUS and update itself.

WUS uses 3 protocols. HTTP, HTTPS and Kerberos for authentication. Create a new access rule on the ISA Server called WUS (or whatever you like).

Click Next.

Select Allow, click Next.

Select Selected Protocols from the drop down list.

Select HTTP, HTTPS and Kerberos-sec UDP

Click Next.

Select Local Host

Click Next.

Select your WUS Server, (I created a computer object for mine, An IP address would work too.)

Click Next

Choose which user group to allow.

Click Next

Click Finish.

You should now have a self Updating ISA server.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found something in it that you can apply to your own network. If you have any questions on anything I discussed in this article, head on over to;f=25;t=000649 and post a message. I’ll be informed of your post and will answer your questions ASAP. Thanks! –Tom

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