2007 e-Crime Survey

2007 e-Crime Watch Survey and the 5th Annual Global State of Information Security

Awareness of information security and identity theft issues is at an all-time high, but overall security isn’t improving. Even with increased IT spending, security specialists are recognizing that the amount they don’t know is rapidly growing. The explosion of stealthy threats from bots, Trojans and rootkits continues to out pace most IT staff capabilities.

Date:Nov. 27, 2007

Time:2:00 PM ET

1:00 PM CT

12:00 PM MT

11:00 AM PT

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Join us for a look at two recent surveys of security professionals, the 2007 e-Crime Watch Survey and The Fifth Annual Global State of Information Security. These 2007 surveys have been compiled from CERT, CSO Magazine, U.S. Secret Service, CIO, CSO and PricewaterhouseCoopers. This presentation will focus on the results, analysis and potential solutions for SMB organizations.

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