2015 Predictions for Enterprise Mobility and BYOD

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describe the imageWe are already reaching the end of the year and it’s time to predict what will be happening in 2015. In terms of Enterprise Mobility, end user demand is not fully satisfied by IT departments. Indeed, IT departments are facing two big issues; how to protect critical data and how to ensure an optimized service delivered to end users in a mobile friendly world?

We have selected three relevant articles for you to make your own idea on how Enterprise Mobility will evolve in 2015:

2015 trends: Enterprise mobility demand set to increase
Key quotes:
-“It also predicts that businesses will start to look beyond BYOD, adopting a more managed approach to device usage, particularly where sensitive data is involved.”
-‘’This is likely to mean framing mobile management as part of a wider workspace strategy. By governing management of all endpoints and applications, the strategic aim is giving employees access to the tools and data they need wherever they happen to be and with whichever device they happen to have in front of them.”
SME demand for greater mobility is increasing in 2015
Key quotes:
-“While pressure from end users continues to have an impact on the shape of the EMM market, it is time for enterprises to become more proactive with their mobility strategies and look for ways that mobile devices – whether corporate or employee-owned – and apps can work in tandem with other endpoints to transform the way that people work," said Richard Absalom, senior analyst, enterprise mobility at Ovum.
-"Vendors and service providers in the space need to keep expanding the range of features and services that they offer to meet the growing range of demands, and they will also need to continue to build effective partnerships, especially in support of large, global organizations which expect and demand consistent global service delivery.”
Predictions for 2015: The Future of Cloud Security
Key quote:
-‘’The Internet will essentially become the corporate network perimeter.’’
-‘’Endpoint and network security technologies will become inextricably intertwined.’’
-‘’We will move from a world of alert-driven security to intelligence-driven security. Cloud security will enable a secure foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT).’’

GSX Solutions really cares about Enterprise Mobility and BYOD’s evolution. We are constantly adapting our solutions to ensure an optimized service to your end users wherever they are. Our recent partnership with BlackBerry, to monitor the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server, as well as our different solutions to monitor IBM Traveler or Microsoft Exchange On-premise, Hybrid or in the Cloud, clearly demonstrate our aim to fulfill Enterprise Mobility’s evolution.

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