Go ‘Big’ or go home: 2019 Big Data conferences SMB leads must attend

The New Year has brought many new resolutions for everyone, including data professionals. If Big Data conferences are on your 2019 to-do list, then it is time to scope out some of the best conferences that can help you learn about new technology, build your network, and adopt these new technologies in your SMB. Attending Big Data conferences can help anyone meet their responsibilities for data management.

Almost all SMBs have actionable Big Data in their repositories right now. To use these sets of gargantuan data they need the next-gen artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Big Data has been around for a while, and currently, multiple Big Data applications are evolving at lightning speed.

There are thousands of events around the world for Big Data firms, data handlers, and small business owners. It can be challenging to make a bucket list of different conferences and events. Here are the 10 Big Data conferences that you should not miss out in 2019.

Big Data Toronto 2019

Big Data Toronto 2019 (June 12-13) will feature more than 4,000 participants. It is one of the most distinguished events in the Big Data universe. Technologies like Predictive Analytics, data governance, advanced machine learning skills, and Hadoop will feature in the lineup of topics in the conference.

The conference will share its location with the AI Toronto experience. The attendees will get to watch and learn how Big Data is fueling the latest machine learning technologies today.

AI and Big Data Expo

The AI and Big Data Expo 2019 will be held in Santa Clara, Calif., on November 13-14. This expo will explore the topics of artificial intelligence. It is an ideal destination for all IT decision makers, data analysts, venture capitalists, and all Big Data handlers.

This event shares its location with IoT Tech Expo, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, and the Blockchain Expo. This event will attract over 13,000 attendees from all over the world, who share a common interest in Big Data management and AI.


The DATAx 2019 is a series of Big Data conferences that are organized by the Innovation Enterprise. It will be held between March and October. Interestingly, this data expo will take the knowledge and technology of data management all across the globe from New York, San Fran, to London and Singapore.

The conference will feature talks, presentation and advice from leading CTOs, CDOs, IT developers, and data scientists around the world. DATAx will help the Big Data handlers understand how to leverage the power of AI across multiple sectors.

Data Fest 2019

big data expo

Of all the 2019 Big Data conferences mentioned here, Data Fest 2019 is already here: March 11-17 across Scotland. It is the go-to event for catching some of the most well-known international speakers and data experts. It is also an excellent opportunity to visit parts of Scotland.

Apart from the Data Summit, a two-day international conference for the leaders and practitioners of data management, several fringe events cover meetups, debates, hackathons, and training sessions.

The star event is an entire day focused on data issues – Data Tech and celebration of the Women in Data Science.

Enterprise Data World

Enterprise data world

Another of the Big Data conferences set to kick off soon is this data summit, which will be held in Boston from March 17-22. This will be the 23rd year for the six conferences. Three days of the conference are dedicated to in-depth data workshops and tutorials for data handlers and vendors.

The remaining three days include sessions, certification training, technology testing, and case studies. This conference should be on your bucket list, if you are interested in learning about the intricacies of the daily data management work.

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit

Gartner is a popular name in data management and analytics. There is no way you can miss the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019 in Orlando, Fla., on March 18-21.

The conference will share new insights into strategies and best practices of Big Data management, machine learning, predictive analysis, and AI.

It will provide the thought leaders with new know-how of leveraging Big Data to drive business value and foster innovation using machine learning, blockchain technology, AI, IoT, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Predictive Analytics World

Predictive Analytics World is a series of conferences that aims at bringing Fortune 500 companies together.

The goal of this summit is to uphold the importance of machine learning while focusing on the essential aspects including predictive analytics for determining future trends.

The series of events will be held in Las Vegas (June 16-20), London (Oct. 16-17) and Berlin (Nov. 18-19). Attending this series of conferences will give you insight into the management techniques the Fortune 500 companies use to handle their consumer data.

Demystifying Data Science

data science

The data science conference is the second online annual conference that all data handlers and vendors should attend. If traveling is not an option this summer, you should check out the online conference right from your office on July 24-25.

Along with 28 interactive data science talks from the industry leaders, you can expect several presentations on predictive analytics, Big Data management, machine learning, and AI in digital marketing from the conference.

TDWI Chicago

The veterans of data science are already familiar with the TDWI conferences in different locations across the United States. The next TDWI conference is to be held in Chicago from April 28 to May 3.

The second TDWI conference of the year will develop the latest advancements of data strategy, business intelligence, and enterprise analytics.

Big Data conferences: Get going

These Big Data conferences should help you learn the different aspects of Big Data management, handling, and usage.

If you are thinking about taking the next step toward using machine learning and AI to fine-tune your customer interactions and manage future predictions, attending these conferences in 2019 should be included in your schedule.

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