Tom Shinder Hits 25,000 Mark on Message Boards

Tom Shinder Hits 25,000 Mark on Message Boards

By Thomas W Shinder M.D.

It took over three years, but it finally happened. I went over the 25,000 mark on number of message board posts over at It seems like only yesterday when I made my first post and was wrestling with the same issues that today’s posters continue to work with.

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone in the community. In the over three years this site has been online, I’ve found this community to be the most professional and most helpful of any networking community I’ve had the pleasure to participate in on the Internet. The message boards continue to be a great source of information and I learn new things from the posters everyday. That’s why hitting the message boards is always the highlight of my day!

We expect that the number of postings on the boards will increase significantly in the future, now that the ISA2004 beta is publicly available. That’s not to say that all the great information sharing is going to stop for ISA2000! We’ll continue to support ISA2000 even when ISA2004 is in its final release. will always endeavor to be your “one stop shop” for all things ISA Server.

Finally, a lot of people have been asking when our book will be available. Debi and I planning on getting our ISA Server 2004 book out this summer, after ISA Server 2004 has been released. We want to make sure the book is more than a rehash of the Help file, and that it provides you with all the information you need to get ISA2004 to do the things you want it to! I’m watching the Web boards and mailing list very closely and taking notes on those things people want to do with ISA Server 2004. If there are any subjects you have a special interest in, just send me a note to [email protected] and I’ll make sure we cover that information in the book.

Once again, my thanks to all of your in the community and I’ll post another update when I hit the 50,000 Message Boards posts mark Eek!.

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