2X ApplicationServer and VirtualDesktopServer Version 8 screencast

Recently 2X released new version of its excellent 2X ApplicationServer and 2X VirtualDesktopServer products. Version 8 incorporates a number of new and interesting features such as:

  • Managing Client Settings: Administrators will now have the ability to control user settings directly from the management console.
  • Zero-Management Thin Clients: Includes all components necessary to convert any device to a thin client.
  • Management of 2X SecureClientGateways: Allows administrators to remotely install and manage multiple 2X SecureClientGateways.
  • Windows CE Clients: Ensures that Windows CE clients will have the same functionality as standard XP and Vista clients.
  • Scanner (TWAIN) Redirection: TWAIN redirection, similar to the 2X Universal Printing feature, allows all devices using TWAIN technology to use hardware connected to client devices, including scanners and digital cameras.

2X published a screencast for those who might be interested in evaluation and deployment of the new version. The screencast can be accessed via this URL: http://www.screencast.com/users/Software2X/folders/Default/media/057007a7-6dc6-45db-9a5f-077c8692b46e

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