2X Opens Source Code to its NX Based Terminal Server for Linux

Frankfurt, Germany, 30 August 2006 – 2X today announced the release
of 2X TerminalServer for Linux, an open source terminal server for
Linux, which enables users to run a Linux desktop and Linux / Windows
applications over any type of connection.

“If Linux is going to happen on the desktop, it will require a
terminal server approach such as that of 2X Terminal Server for Linux.
Only with the more advanced thin client approach, will Linux be able
to outdo Windows fat clients in a company’s network. 2X is proud to
contribute to this by opening the source code of its terminal server
software for Linux,” said Nikolaos Makris, CEO 2X.

Leverages the lightning fast NX protocol: A compressed version of X

The 2X TerminalServer is based on the open source NX X-Windows
compression protocol. X-Windows is highly bandwidth-intensive and
therefore does not scale well or run over low bandwidth connections.
The NX protocol on the other hand, compresses the X-Window protocol
and enables users to run a complete Linux desktop and Linux / Windows
applications over slow dial-up links. On LANs, it means a much higher
number of clients can be supported without affecting network speed.

Linux: The perfect multi-user OS

Linux is ideally suited for thin client/server-based computing,
because it was designed from the ground up to be multi-user.
Application conflicts are therefore less likely and management is
made easier.

Benefits and features of 2X TerminalServer
* Eliminate fat client management and save on administration
* Provide users with a more reliable & secure environment
* Empower users to telework from anywhere in the world
* Reduce the risk of viruses & security breaches by running a Linux
* Switch to Linux and save big on Microsoft licenses
* Uses SSH for optimum security of all connections
* Use 2X TerminalServer for graphical remote server management
* Available for RedHat, SUSE and more.

For more information about 2X TerminalServer visit:

http://www.2x.com/terminalserver/. The product is available for
download at: http://www.2x.com/terminalserver/download.htm. User to
user support is available via the 2X forums at http://forums.2x.com.

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