5 Tech Security Tools to Keep Your Online Data Secure While Traveling

When traveling abroad, your online activity is likely to be monitored, and your data is more vulnerable to data breeches and identify theft. Securing your data goes well beyond installing security software on your electronic devices. The following tech security tools will help you enhance the security of online data while traveling.



  1. Personal VPN – The Wifi access you have abroad will probably be a public Wifi account that does not require a password, and these networks are not the most secure. Rather than using a public network, you should use a personal virtual private network (VPN). VPNs hide your IP address and encrypt your data to provide anonymous browsing and maximum security and privacy. The best VPN services also allow you to access websites that are blocked in other countries.
  2. Blur – Formerly known as DoNotTrackMe, Blur is a great security tool for international travelers. It prevents Web tracking and secures any personal information you put online. Blur offers a free and premium version. The free version secures your passwords, masks your email, blocks hidden trackers and auto-fills Web forms. The premium version does all this plus masks your credit cards and phone, while providing backup and syncing.
  3. CyberScrub Privacy Suite – The CyberScrub Privacy Suite takes online security to the next level with its secure data deletion capabilities. CyberScrub securely overwrites sensitive files and ensures any trace of the files is removed. Additionally, CyberScrub can erase any evidence from locations like temp files and Index.dat, as well as from many browsers, applications, email, peer-to-peer programs and newsreaders.
  4. Tor Project – Considered a leading privacy tool, Tor Project is a free software program that enables anonymous browsing. Tor protects against network surveillance and traffic analysis and prevents prying eyes from identifying your physical location or monitoring your browsing habits. It’s a great tool for safeguarding personal data and covering your tracks from visiting questionable sites.
  5. Cryptocat – Cryptocat is a free encrypted chatting service that ensures your message is only viewed by the person it is intended for. Mac system users can download Cryptocat as an app, or it can be added as an extension to your browser. With this tool, only the sender and receiver of the message will be able to view its content; the messages are unreadable to others. Cryptocat supports file sharing, which makes it ideal for securely sharing private information. 

Before traveling abroad, utilize these effective tech security tools to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Darryl Lewis is a tech enthusiast who enjoys researching the latest trends in the industry such as tech security, digital marketing, and software development. He is also a fine and performing arts advocate. He is a graduate of Stockton University. Follow him on Twitter @dlew4life

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