5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V v2.0 – now with Network Security Monitoring

August 29, 2013, Beverly, MA – 5nine Software, #1 vendor delivering Management and Agentless/Host-based Security for Windows Server and Hyper-V, has added a Network Security Monitoring feature to the 5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V v2.0.

5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V v2.0 allows to monitor native performance indicators of hosts and VMs in a Hyper-V environment in real-time. It allows monitoring, gathering statistics and notifying system administrators on CPU, memory, network, disk I/O, and disk capacity parameters. A PowerShell interface allows a user to quickly integrate the product into other network management applications. The application itself is accessed through a web interface that allows a user to monitor the Hyper-V network status remotely.

New Network Security Monitoring feature allows for the monitoring of all traffic in and out of the VM and identifies anomalies providing system and security administrators with proactive detection capability of various network attacks such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), DDoS, Trojans, and many others.

“5nine Software continues to enhance Windows Server and Hyper-V management tools by adding new highly requested features to 5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V v2.0.” – says Alex Kibkalo, 5nine Software VP of Product Management. “We have used the benefits of 5nine’s proprietary Hyper-V switch Capturing Extension and provide system administrators with the opportunity to stay informed in real-time and explore historical data for Hyper-V environment’s network performance bottlenecks.”

5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V v2.0 overview and purchase/download options are available on the company’s website:  http://www.5nine.com/5nine-hyper-v-cloud-vMonitor.aspx

Free version of 5nine Cloud Monitor for Hyper-V is available on the company’s website here: http://www.5nine.com/5nine-hyper-v-cloud-vMonitor.aspx. The 5nine Software product line is available through annual Subscription License directly through the 5nine sales offices [email protected] or through a comprehensive partner network throughout the globe.

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