5nine Software Introduces Security as a Service

CHICAGO, IL (May 06, 2015) 5nine Software, a leading global Hyper-V virtualization security and management provider, today announced the availability of 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension, a security solution that enables Azure Pack customers to protect multi-tenant environments and virtual machines (VMs) in a private or public cloud. Azure Pack allows hosting providers to run Azure-consistent services and experiences in their own datacenter. With 5nine Software’s Cloud Security and the free 5nine Extension for Azure Pack, service providers can use the features and benefits of a private cloud, while delivering Security as a Service (SECaaS) to their customers.

“With the number of tenant virtual machines constantly growing, cloud service providers face challenges controlling the level of protection for individual users,“ said John Allwright, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform, Microsoft. “5nine Cloud Security Extension for Azure Pack helps hosting service providers to control the level of protection for each customer, regardless of whether their VM runs Windows or Linux.”

With 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension, administrators can apply a universal policy for their users by configuring global rules. At the same time, direct integration with the Hyper-V Virtual Switch adds protection if they provision their own VMs through the Azure Pack self-service portal. In addition, this solution can help customers enforce compliance standards, which can increase a service provider’s potential user base.

Key features in 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension include:

  • Safety and isolation for hosted customers: The tenants can manage their own Virtual Firewall to protect and isolate VMs and control traffic. 5nine Cloud Security Extension for Azure Pack integrates into the Hyper-V Virtual Switch on the host, monitoring all traffic flowing to and from the VMs. In addition, integrated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) identifies and logs network traffic anomalies caused by vulnerabilities, including application-level threats. It proactively monitors and alerts about them before irrecoverable operational impact happens or customer’s data is stolen as the malware spreads throughout the entire datacenter.
  • Optimized financial and competitive opportunities: Cloud providers can increase their product portfolio by providing the customers with a single and easy-to-use solution that delivers more security options at a lower price than competitors. With a small footprint that maximizes consolidation ratios and VM density, 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension causes no performance and resource degradation, and will maximize ROI on Hyper-V investments.
  • Simplified configuration process: 5nine Cloud Security Extension for Azure Pack is fully integrated into the Azure Pack Administration Portal. Setting up security policies, settings and firewall rules can now be accomplished directly through the Azure Pack administrator portal. Customers are able to configure security regulations themselves through the tenant portal, which increases privacy as hosting providers no longer need access to the VMs to configure security.

5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension is an official Azure Pack partner solution and is available through the Azure Pack partner page at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/products/windows-azure-pack/Purchasing.aspx.

5nine Cloud Security Extension for Azure Pack is free and available immediately. It works with the existing standalone version of 5nine Cloud Security, which is licensed starting at $199 per 2 host CPUs. For more information, or to download a free 30-day trial version, please visit: http://www.5nine.com/azure-pack-extension.

About 5nine Software

5nine Software is a leading global Hyper-V virtualization security and management provider. It offers the first and only agentless security and management solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V. 5nine Software provides innovative, powerful and easy-to-use software designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and mitigate security risks. Today, 5nine Software helps more than 50,000 satisfied customers around the globe to reach the full potential of their virtual infrastructure.

Founded in 2009, 5nine Software is headquartered in Chicago, with offices worldwide.

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