ZeuS is still active!

Dell’s Counter Threat Unit (CTU) or SecureWorks has released a detailed report about the Trojan horse and crimeware ZeuS. ZeuS is still out there and is still a series threat. New variants are capable of stealing user passwords and other account credentials (FTP, POP), and modify cookies on infected computers and HTML of target websites. It can redirect users from target websites to rogue websites, it can take screenshots, modifies the local hosts file and executes arbitrary programs amongst other malicious activities.

ZeuS has become a commercial product (in the underworld) and one can find additional modules that enhance its functionality. These modules allow an attacker to connect back to the infected computer and commit fraud. Modules that attach with Firefox enhance Zeus capabilities in stealing confidential information from infected computers and there are add-ons that help ZeuS process stolen data in real time. I suggest you read the full report here.

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