Launching Control Panel Apps from the Command Line

In a previous tip I listed the .msc files for different admin tools so you could easily access them from the command line if needed. This can be particularly useful if you normally log on to your admin workstation using a limited account and use Runas to perform admin tasks.

You can also launch Control Panel apps from the command line, and here’s a list of .cpl files for your reference that you can print out and paste on the wall beside your workstation until you’ve memoried the ones you use most commonly:

Accessibility Options

Add/Remove Programs

Add Hardware Wizard

Automatic Updates
Bluetooth Properties
Display Properties
Firewall Properties
Game Controllers
Internet Options

iSCSI Initiator
Java Control Panel
Licensing Mode
Mouse Properties
Network Connections

Network Setup Wizard
ODBC Properties
Power Options
Regional and Language Options
Sound and Audio Devices

Stored Passwords

System Properties
Telephone and Modem Properties

Time and Date Settings
User Accounts nusrmgr.cpl
Windows Security Center

Wireless Link

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