A guide to protecting your Microsoft Exchange data

A guide to protecting your Microsoft Exchange data is a technical whitepaper sponsored by Bakbone.

Email is now a core business application, and for some organisations it may even be THE core business application. Industry estimates suggest that, world-wide, we send perhaps 60 billion emails every day – and that we receive over 200 billion, by the time spam and viruses are added to the mix.

It is now the preferred method of communication for businesses worldwide, making up over 85% of day to day communication between organisations. As a result, Microsoft Exchange – perhaps the most widely-used email server in business – has also become the data-store for much of an organisation’s critical data. It is the first place that people look for things, and often their primary point of contact with the organisation.

All that email traffic has to be routed, filtered and cleaned up, and then stored safely, so effective management and protection of your Exchange servers (or other email systems) and the messaging data they hold is now an absolute essential. Anyone who doubts that only has to listen to the cries of frustration from users when the email system is offline.

Now imagine their reaction – and the reaction of your organisation’s lawyers and auditors – if they were told their email was gone forever

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