A high level overview of virtualization management tools

If you’ve been in the virtualization market for any length of time, you know that there are a number of different solutions out there that can help you meet your needs. Your needs are probably different than the needs of the company down the street, too. So, the product that you ultimately select might be different than the one that they select. The chart below is intended to provide you with initial guidance in your search.

Some informational items:

  • This is not a deep feature-by-feature review. This chart is high level and focuses on the high level. Too many vendors name things just a bit differently and going too deep can muddy the waters. That said, over time, I’d like to add more detail to make the chart more valuable.
  • This is not definitive. This is a version 1.0 chart and doesn’t include everything and anything or every and any vendor. As I mentioned, I’d like to expand it, but I needed to start somewhere.
  • Pricing and features will change. Obviously, pricing and features will change. This document is being published in June 2012. If you’re reading this in July of 2014, I recommend that you look for a newer version or go to the individual vendor sites for updated information.

Disclaimer: The idea for this chart actually came from a vendor. It seemed like a good idea, so what we see below is a first run. Note that in order to maintain independence, the vendor is no longer involved in the project. Once the idea was conceived and some baselines put together, I assumed ownership in order to remain as neutral as possible.

This, version 1, includes products from five vendors and is compiled using publicly available information. Should you find an error in the chart or have a question, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected]. If you would like to see new feature categories, also please let me know and, if possible, provide details for how each product meets the needs of the category you propose. I will validate all information sent. Your initial assessment will make life a bit easier.

Download the chart here: Virtualization management tools

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